Perched atop the beautiful hillside of Marin and overlooking the stunning view of the City below, a majestic Coast Live Oak stood there for roughly the past 200 years.

Oaky (because that’s what we’ve named him) witnessed the rolling hills, full of native vegetation, transform into a sprawling urban setting. He watched the Highlands of Marin go up, observed the life multiply around it, and enjoyed the laughter of the children in the pool nearby.

That is, until that fateful day on September, 14th, 2015, when his dreams of longevity came crashing down. 

He had been weak for a while, decay was creeping into his trunk and one of his limbs felt like it was barely hanging on. He also couldn’t ignore the chatter from concerned faces every time those A Plus people came around for inspection.

And then the day came when Oaky couldn’t hang on any longer. His lower trunk gave out and half his canopy toppled down the hillside.


Little did Oaky know, he would soon ressurect into his 2nd life where he would have a new and different role. Instead of creating the shade, it would now be Oaky’s turn to enjoy the shade of his old, still standing, friends.

With the help of a compassionate community of folks (UDR, A Plus and LandCare), Oaky is back home, has multiplied, and now sits as benches in 5 locations and a bar table in 1. He’s once again enjoying the same views and laughter, but with a new delightful purpose.