20 Feb 2020

Grounds Techs: The Real MVPs

Dragging brush, raking, blowing....it's not as glamorous as climbing massive Eucs or dropping 50 ft trees, but it's just as important. Ninety percent of the time, all the time, clean-up is what gets our 5-star customer satisfaction. But it's also not just about the clean-up. It's about efficiency, running the rigging lines, operating small equipment, and being a critical and integral part of the team. Every crew leader knows that their teams are only as good as their ground techs. When we asked our Haz Tech specialist, Danny, what a grounds tech means to him, he replied: "To me, a...

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16 Nov 2016

What is the Revolution?

This past week we were exhibitors at the Tree Care Industry (TCI) Expo in Baltimore. It's an annual expo that people from all around the world come to learn the latest techniques and see the newest toys. We went to the show equipped with a free version of our ArborPlus App, a mission, and a statement: "Join the Revolution". By showcasing ArborPlus, we used A Plus as an example of how innovation and technology can transform a business in a traditionally "old" industry to a cutting edge, more sustainable and highly differentiated company. We all wore matching T shirts and...

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09 Jun 2016

If Your Only Tool is Chainsaw, Then Every Problem is a Dead Branch

In the not too distant past, all an Arborist needed was a truck and a chainsaw. Fast forward to 2016, A Plus is in the forefront of a dramatically changing industry. We are running lean and efficient crews. The key to becoming successful is to think outside of the box and work smarter, not harder. Our urban foresters are equipped with a vast arsenal of tools. We use small hand pruners for young trees to chainsaws for giants. One of tools that sets us apart is the awesome Mini Skid Steer made by Vermeer. It’s effectively a portable tractor that...

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09 Mar 2012

A Climber’s Paradise

Last week A Plus Tree hosted California Arborist's Association's (CAA) Climbing Skills Workshop in a beautiful park in Benicia. Every year, the CAA puts on this event to give professional climbers in the area the opportunity to learn and share new techniques. These workshops accommodate all levels of ability with stations for knot tying and equipment inspection, body thrust and footlock, stations for throwline and more advanced techniques of entering and moving in trees. Special Thanks to Chad Brey for volunteering his tree knowledge and climbing expertise! And thank you Stihl and Vermeer for sponsoring this event!

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