15 Aug 2019

Craned up and trained up

Cranes make the tree work go 'round. More and more of our crews are boosting into the ridiculousness of crane work! This month, from our Sacramento tree service division, Hugo, Matt, and Kevin (who is being trained up by Devin) had some major takedowns with cranes. Sure, we have our superstar crane riggers like Rob, Danny, and Chad. Who we throw at the most technical and hazardous jobs, but more of our crews, in more of our areas, are getting craned up and gaining valuable experience in the art of crane removals. From a climber's point of view, there are 3 things that are critical to flawless execution: The ability...

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06 Aug 2019

Nick & Crew Dominates the Pike Project

Removed 130 Trees, 150+ ft tall, in 6 weeks. Last month Crew Leader Nick and his team -- Cody, Juan, James, Arturo, with help from Raymond & David -- successfully completed the LARGEST tree removal job we've ever done in the forest land. Completed the 6 DONE way, without injury or incident. Pike City is 2 hours North-east of Sacramento, and deep into the Tahoe National Forest in California. Nick's skills fit the bill for this large scale project. Extremely proficient in tree felling, equipment operations and job planning, his supervisor Mazzera, considers him a "strong leader and great teacher". And in Nicks words, "They were really large trees and we had...

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06 Jul 2019

David Ingalls, Juan Ochoa & Arturo Lopez rescue a dying man.

It was hot. Like 95 degrees, dry hot. David Ingalls and his crew were on a job in Burney last Thursday, 4 hours north of the Bay Area, and deep into the heart of the woodlands. Their assigned duties involved brush clearance of a pipeline that runs into Oregon. Because of the steep terrain and rocky areas, the crews have to navigate through a maze of logging roads in search of better access points. Ingalls and the crew were traveling a logging road towards the job site when they came to a fork in the road. He was about to take a left, when...

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15 May 2019

A Plus Tree and Rebuilding Together

The San Diego A Plus Tree crews volunteered this Monday to support an incredibly worthy cause. A Plus Tree partnered with Rebuilding Together's San Diego branch to help rebuild the home and life of Laura McGinnis. Rebuilding Together serves needy families and aims to eradicate poverty housing. "We improve lives by building wheelchair ramps, widening doors, ADA modifications, weatherization, and many more home repairs for the disabled, elderly, ill, veterans and homeowners in a crisis who are not able to keep up with maintaining a safe environment." This week Rebuilding Together and A Plus Tree partnered to help Laura McGinnis....

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22 Jul 2016

Milling trees Archives

Perched atop the beautiful hillside of Marin and overlooking the stunning view of the City below, a majestic Coast Live Oak stood there for roughly the past 200 years. Oaky (because that’s what we’ve named him) witnessed the rolling hills, full of native vegetation, transform into a sprawling urban setting. He watched the Highlands of Marin go up, observed the life multiply around it, and enjoyed the laughter of the children in the pool nearby. That is, until that fateful day on September, 14th, 2015, when his dreams of longevity came crashing down.  He had been weak for a while,...

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09 Jun 2016

If Your Only Tool is Chainsaw, Then Every Problem is a Dead Branch

In the not too distant past, all an Arborist needed was a truck and a chainsaw. Fast forward to 2016, A Plus is in the forefront of a dramatically changing industry. We are running lean and efficient crews. The key to becoming successful is to think outside of the box and work smarter, not harder. Our urban foresters are equipped with a vast arsenal of tools. We use small hand pruners for young trees to chainsaws for giants. One of tools that sets us apart is the awesome Mini Skid Steer made by Vermeer. It’s effectively a portable tractor that...

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06 Jan 2016

Is it a Tree Emergency?? 3 Things to Look For

Drought + Rain = Higher Rate of Tree Failure (Wait a minute...how does that make sense?) Prolonged drought leads to a lack of strong roots. Add on some heavy rain and, unfortunately, what you get is a higher chance of tree failure. First they suffer from lack of water, now they're suffering from too much?! Our poor trees can't catch a break! So, as the responsible tree owner you are, here are 3 things you could look out for that would warrant it a Tree Emergency...in which case you give us a call!! 24/7 EMERGENCY HOTLINE 866-815-2525 -- 3 THINGS...

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21 Dec 2015

VIDEO: Destination A Plus Tree

Debuted at our annual Wood Awards, we wanted to honor and recognize the entire A Plus Tree team for their exceptional leadership, hard work, contribution to the company, and for going above and beyond the call of duty; And what better way to do that than with another A Plus Tree Movie Trailer?? Here's to a beautiful end of year 2015 and an even more ridiculous 2016! Produced, Shot and Edited by: Sarah Gaskin  

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18 Feb 2015

Do I Need an Arborist?

Wondering whether or not you need an arborist to take care of your tree needs? An arborist refers to a tree care specialist, trained to efficiently and properly take care of your favorite green giants and woody plants. These specialists are equipped with lots of knowledge when it comes to trees and unlike your neighbor with the chainsaw, know how to rightly handle equipment. Before we outline whether or not you need an arborist for your tree needs, let’s address what makes a qualified arborist, well, qualified. We recommend hiring an ISA-certified arborist who is familiar with the trees and...

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03 Jan 2012

Diseased Elms Removed in Alamo

Last week, the A Plus Tree crew performed the extraordinary task of removing 6 huge American Elms in 1 day! The trees were so large, it took a crane to help remove the massive logs piece by piece. At almost a century old, these trees have been a staple of the community and will leave a noticeable clearing along the tree-lined Danville Blvd in Alamo. Unfortunately, the County of Contra Costa had no choice but to remove them. Infected by Dutch Elm Disease and dying, the towering limbs were no doubt a hazard to the children attending the Alamo Creative...

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