15 Apr 2015

Why the Arborist Needs to See the Forest from the Trees

Foresters have specific goals in mind when it comes to the maintenance of their land... They look to habitat, global preservation, harvesting, replanting, health, and safety, all while keeping in mind that the forest is a whole unit. Not just a group of individual trees. Now, because we believe that the arborist is essentially an urban forester above all else, we developed something that allows the arborist to accomplish these same goals in the urban forest and maintain the ability to see the forest from the trees. A tree management tool built for the arborist, by the arborist: ArborPlus. As more and more...

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17 Mar 2015

Not Every Cloud is Created Equal

Our tree tracking app, ArborPLUS, allows you to ‘grow your forest in the cloud’... Which sounds cool, right? But what exactly is this ‘cloud’ everyone keeps referring to? You understand its some sort of place where things get stored, but you’re not sure how and why. Well friends, here’s everything you need to know. What the cloud is… The cloud essentially refers to a network of information that’s stored remotely. All the ‘stuff’ or info that you keep in the cloud can be accessed from multiple devices and in real time. What it’s not… A program that somehow makes inferior...

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