06 Mar 2019

UtilityPLUS crew rocks it, all night long.

Chris Mazzera got the call at 7pm. "Fallen tree on a substation, it's an emergency, need you here ASAP." The crew arrived to the site by 8:30pm, performed the work like midnight warriors, completed by 5:30am and got back to the yard by 7am. While most of us were catching Zz's, the crew was saving whole neighborhoods from losing power! Huge shout out to Marco Vega, Juan Vega, David Ingalls, Ricardo Terazas and Chris Mazzera!

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06 Jan 2016

Is it a Tree Emergency?? 3 Things to Look For

Drought + Rain = Higher Rate of Tree Failure (Wait a minute...how does that make sense?) Prolonged drought leads to a lack of strong roots. Add on some heavy rain and, unfortunately, what you get is a higher chance of tree failure. First they suffer from lack of water, now they're suffering from too much?! Our poor trees can't catch a break! So, as the responsible tree owner you are, here are 3 things you could look out for that would warrant it a Tree Emergency...in which case you give us a call!! 24/7 EMERGENCY HOTLINE 866-815-2525 -- 3 THINGS...

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11 Dec 2013

Winter Soil Therapy

It's long john season here in California and you aren't the only one freezing. While you've been cozied up to the nearest heater vent your trees have been getting ready for winter. The first cold snap has come and gone and everything is going dormant, amending your soil this season will allow for the maximum growth and vigor of your trees in the coming spring. The growing season is the most important time of year to have good nutrient levels in the soil. Urban soils are notoriously sterile due to topsoil removal during construction and regular cleaning of organic debris...

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