20 Jun 2019

Chad the champ!

Give it up to Chad Brey!! A man who practically came out of retirement to crush a competition he didn't even sign up for! What was his secret? He visualized his win. Before each comp, he prepared his mind and ran through every step of the climb: the throw, the tie-ins, the descent. And then he did it. And he took the gold belt buckle for the ISA Western Chapter Climbing Competition. Proud of you Chad, now go visualize global climbing domination!

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07 Sep 2017

Frequent Flier Climber? Here’s How to Pack Tree Climber Gear.

How do you fly the friendly skies with your tree climbing gear? What are you allowed to bring onboard? On a mission to work in the urban forests of Seattle, I asked myself these questions as I packed my gear bag for my flight out of San Francisco.  I expected to drive the trucks, climb some trees and do some ground work. The challenge was to pack the essentials, yet stay within the airline's baggage limits. I couldn't find any resources online on how to pack an Arborist gear bag for a flight. There were a couple of rock climbing forums that...

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