06 Nov 2019

Lloyd the mill master

Phase I complete of our BIGGEST mill project yet! Our AfterPlus mill has a great story: We take the trees we remove from our urban forest and give them a second life. We try to harvest as much millable wood as we can, but the logistics around it are not so simple. This particular project is a 2-year project for the Irvine Company (the largest private landowners in CA!). We removed 43 mature Redwoods from their development site in the South Bay, with the purpose to fabricate 90 custom-designed benches, and install them back onto the site after construction. We won't get into the MANY obstacles...

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08 Feb 2016

Redwood Revival Program

This look familiar? That's because you probably have several in your Urban Forest! What's wrong with them? If you've already asked one of us, or another Arborist, you've probably heard a combination of 3 things. 1) "These are on reclaimed water, aren't they? Yep, the high-salt content it killing em." 2) "We've had 4 years of hot summer droughts and these guys need a TON of water to survive." 3) "Look where they're planted, in a tiny area surrounded by compacted soil and concrete!" Well, I'm here to inform you that we've got some great news. A new product has come on the market called BioCarbon...

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