08 Feb 2016

What is Bio-Carbon (BioChar)?

We're going to have to get a little scientific on you for this post. For the nerd at heart who needs to know why Bio-Carbon (BioChar) is the best thing out there for your trees?  This ones for you! What is it? The general term of the product is know as BioChar. It is essentially, a highly grained, porous form of charcoal (think of a honeycomb-like structure) that occurs naturally from fires and whose properties have been known for 2,000 years, but productized in an improved form by human ingenuity. It has been proven to turn agricultural waste into a product that...

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11 Dec 2013

Winter Soil Therapy

It's long john season here in California and you aren't the only one freezing. While you've been cozied up to the nearest heater vent your trees have been getting ready for winter. The first cold snap has come and gone and everything is going dormant, amending your soil this season will allow for the maximum growth and vigor of your trees in the coming spring. The growing season is the most important time of year to have good nutrient levels in the soil. Urban soils are notoriously sterile due to topsoil removal during construction and regular cleaning of organic debris...

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